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Gene Autry's Melody Ranch

Instructions: Click on an episode and select "open" if prompted. The show should start to play within in a minute. If it doesn't or if you receive an error message, download the free RealPlayer software and then come back here and try again.

 #  Airdate  Episode Name  Notes 
 1  19xx-xx-xx  A Young Girl Is Kidnapped (23 min)    
 2  19xx-xx-xx  Buck Dean Feuding with Kate Hawkins (25 min)    
 3  19xx-xx-xx  Cattlemen's Money Stolen (24 min)    
 4  19xx-xx-xx  Champion Saves Gene's Life (24 min)    
 5  19xx-xx-xx  Christmas Party (31 min)    
 6  19xx-xx-xx  Clem Harding's Newspaper (24 min)    
 7  19xx-xx-xx  Cody Bennett Dams up Lake (25 min)    
 8  19xx-xx-xx  Convict Looking for a Job (22 min)    
 9  19xx-xx-xx  Con Gene out of 5000 Dollars (25 min)    
 10  19xx-xx-xx  Cowhand Johnny Bond (29 min)    
 11  19xx-xx-xx  Dr Reardon Is Charged with Murder (28 min)    
 12  19xx-xx-xx  Eddie Jarvis Ex-Convict (24 min)    
 13  19xx-xx-xx  Final Show Gene on Record (24 min)    
 14  19xx-xx-xx  Gene Enters Show Biz (13 min)    
 15  19xx-xx-xx  Gene Helps Sheriff Dobbs (30 min)    
 16  19xx-xx-xx  Gene Is Held Up (29 min)    
 17  19xx-xx-xx  Ghost of Black Mountain (15 min)    
 18  19xx-xx-xx  Girl Cons Johnny Bond (25 min)    
 19  19xx-xx-xx  Hoof and Mouth Disease (24 min)    
 20  19xx-xx-xx  Hunt for Jim Snyders Killer (24 min)    
 21  19xx-xx-xx  John Loves Martha (28 min)    
 22  19xx-xx-xx  Lawlessness in Skeleton Pass (25 min)    
 23  19xx-xx-xx  Marshall Jackson (25 min)    
 24  19xx-xx-xx  Mrs Hayes Builds Boys Ranch (24 min)    
 25  19xx-xx-xx  Mystery of the Concertina (24 min)    
 26  19xx-xx-xx  Neighbor Killed with Gene's Gun (25 min)    
 27  19xx-xx-xx  Origin of Champion (25 min)    
 28  19xx-xx-xx  Outlaws Steal Rodeo Money (24 min)    
 29  19xx-xx-xx  Pat Captures Rustlers in Camera (24 min)    
 30  19xx-xx-xx  Pat Plays Detective (25 min)    
 31  19xx-xx-xx  Plane Crashes near Ranch (24 min)    
 32  19xx-xx-xx  Red Medders (25 min)    
 33  19xx-xx-xx  Runaway Boy Wants Job (25 min)    
 34  19xx-xx-xx  Smuggling near Mesa Vista (24 min)    
 35  19xx-xx-xx  Steve Larkin Charges for Water (25 min)    
 36  19xx-xx-xx  The Caleb Hooten Story (29 min)    
 37  19xx-xx-xx  The Church in Wilson Valley (29 min)    
 38  19xx-xx-xx  The Devil's Saint (29 min)    
 39  19xx-xx-xx  The Rebellious Preacher (30 min)    
 40  19xx-xx-xx  The Red Madder's Story (30 min)    
 41  19xx-xx-xx  The Vanishing (24 min)    
 42  19xx-xx-xx  Trouble at Hermit's Crossing (24 min)    
 43  19xx-xx-xx  Uncle Billy Harlow (29 min)    


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