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Dick Tracy

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 #  Airdate  Episode Name  Notes 
 1  1938-02-08  Black Pearl of Osirus (15 min)    
 2  1938-02-09  Pat Goes Overboard (15 min)    
 3  1938-02-10  Mystery in Ihe Hotel (15 min)    
 4  1938-02-11  Dick Shot in the Leg (15 min)    
 5  1938-02-14  Dick Gets Ring of Osiris (15 min)    
 6  1938-02-15  Dick Finds Black Pearl (15 min)    
 7  1938-02-16  Agent Is Murdered (15 min)    
 8  1938-02-17  Going after the Ring (15 min)    
 9  1938-02-18  Dick Captures Gang (15 min)    
 10  1938-02-21  Pat Hypnotized (15 min)    
 11  1938-02-22  Dick Captured (15 min)    
 12  1945-05-01  Empty Safe (13 min)    
 13  1945-09-21  Man without a Head (13 min)    
 14  1947-11-18  Deadly Tipoff Pt1. (15 min)    
 15  1947-11-19  Deadly Tipoff Pt2 (14 min)    


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