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(OCT. 7) 12,300+ Shows Online

Another simple update this week. We have just added 178 episodes of Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police. Just last week, we broke the 12,000 show mark. This week we're past 12,300 shows (12,326 to be exact). Enjoy!

(OCT. 13) Cisco Kid Available

It's time to add another 173 shows to the tally. We've added that many episodes of Cisco Kid. That means we now have 12,499 shows in the Library.

(OCT. 27) 128 Shows Added

We missed a week's update, but with today's update, we still have managed to add--on average--more than 100 shows a week for this month. Today's update is 128 episodes of the serial, Jerry of the Circus. It is nearly the complete run, missing only episodes #97 and #98! The next update will include the followup series to this one, called Jerry at Fair Oaks.

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