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(SEPT. 19) Back with More Shows

Back in December and January we did several large updates, but it has been quite some time since we've done a normal "weekly" update. Well, we hope to get back on track again. This week we have added 113 shows as follows: 6 episodes of Columbia Workshop, 5 of A Case for Dr. Morell, 9 of Exploring Tomorrow, 6 of G.I. Journal, 26 of The Green Valley Line, 24 of The Haunting Hour, 18 of Nero Wolfe, and the WJSV - Complete Broadcast Day broken up into 19 parts. Total shows in the Library: 11,764.

Other news: Our email system is still experiencing difficulties. We will let you know when it is working again.

(SEPT. 21) Email Working Again

Our email system is back online. If you have emailed us in the past and not received a response, go ahead and email us again. Sorry for the extended outage!

(SEPT. 28) Family Theater Added

This week's update is simple, but pretty large. We have added 384 episodes of the series, Family Theater. Since this is a big update, is is uncertain if there will be an update ready in time for next week. The good news is that because of this update, we now have over 12,000 shows online!

Also, we're working through our email and will try to have the backlog cleared out sometime next week. Thanks for your patience!

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