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(JAN. 03) Now over 11,000 Shows Online

We are still in the holiday season, so we thought, "why not do another large update?" Today we added another 486 shows for this second holiday update. All of the shows are from the terrific series, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. This bumps the number of shows in the Library over the 11,000 mark--11,214 in total.

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(JAN. 10) 107 More Shows

We're making steady progress in building this archive. Updates and corrections continue to be submitted (thank you all for that!) and we keep adding more shows and additional series. Today's update includes 54 Adventures by Morse, 40 episodes of Quiet Please, and the complete run of 13 episodes of American Tail. For those of you keeping track, that brings the Library's total up to 11,321.

(JAN. 30) Big Update

This time we've got a big update for all of you since we didn't get smaller, regular weekly updates up earlier. Today we added 330 shows as follows: 39 episodes of Blackstone The Magic Detective, 12 of The Adventures of Dick Cole, 52 of The Lives of Harry Lime, 125 of Command Performance, 13 of Frankenstein, and 89 of Jack Armstrong, The All American Boy. Total shows in the Library: 11,651.

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