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(DEC. 12) OTR.Net is Launched!

Today we launch the OTR.Network in beta mode. Right now, we have only one feature: the OTR Library. The Library is only the first of several sections we will be adding. Currently 10,101 shows available in the OTR Library.

(DEC. 20) 120 Shows Added

Today we added 120 episodes of Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen. This brings the total number of shows in the Library up to 10,221. Enjoy!

(DEC. 27) Holiday Update: 507 New Shows

Today we added our holiday gift to you--instead of our usual 100 shows or so, we decided to do over 500 shows this week--507 to be exact. They include over 200 Cavalcade of America episodes, over 150 Chandu, the Magician shows, about 50 from The Chase, 24 Diary of Fate, and the complete run of Box 13. The number of shows in the Library now stands at 10,728.

We need your help

Since this is just a beta, there may be some problems. Please, please, please let us know about any problems you see on this website, no matter how large (e.g., website is down) or small (e.g., a minor typo). Send your problem reports to

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